Digital Forum with Gwinnett County Candidates for Sheriff

GLAHR started its campaign to end the 287(g) program when the program first began in Georgia in 2007. Under the 287(g) program, the Department of Homeland Security deputizes local law enforcement to carry out the work of ICE agents by arresting individuals suspected to be in violation of immigration laws. Such efforts wastes local resources and endangers the public. The 287(g)program is one of the most significant ways community members end up in ICE custody for minor infractions if any at all. These agreements allow local law enforcement to act as immigration agents and grants them certain powers that include:

  1. Investigating the immigration status of people at the jail
  2. Access to ICE databases
  3. Issuing ICE detainers and hold individuals after the time they’re eligible for release
  4. Places individuals in removal proceedings

In the state of Georgia there are currently 287(g) programs in five counties: Cobb, Floyd, Gwinnett County, Hall, and Whitfield, including the Georgia Department of Corrections.  Bartow County was also participating in the program until this year when it decided to cancel the program because of lack of funds. GLAHR has advocated before the Boards of Commissioners of Cobb and Gwinnett Counties at meetings and demand the Commissioners end the 287(g) program. We continue educating the general public about the detrimental impact the program has on our family and communities.

For more information on the 287g program, click here for information from Project South.

Digital Forum with Cobb County Candidates for Sheriff