Let's Restore Your Vote

Throughout the years we had seen many community members lose their right to vote due to many issues that arise in their lives. Many people wonder and ask themselves if they are able to vote with a felony conviction?  and believe their freedoms have been limited by the rules. It is the constant fight to gain the right to vote to elect candidates who rather than oppressing the vote will fight for the right to vote for everyone. However, there are some states that grant the right to vote to community members after their sentences are complete. 

The Campaign Legal Center has a campaign called “ Restore your Vote” and provides a wonderful tool to find out if you are eligible to vote in the state of Georgia and among other states.

If you have a question about your convictions, please:

Call (202) 857-0314 or (888) 306-8683 (toll-free)

or Email RestoreYourVote@campaignlegal.org

If you have issues or questions when trying to vote on Election Day,  call 866-OUR-VOTE.